Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beckett's two-month update

 Beckett, you're two months old today!
 You've had another great month. You're growing like a weed! You had your two-month visit at the pediatrician's office yesterday, and he said you looked great. You're up to 13 lb, 1 oz (75th percentile) and 23 inches (50th percentile), and your head is 40.5 cm (about 16 inches, 90th percentile -- that's a big noggin'!).
You're right on track for where you should be growth-wise and developmentally. Unfortunately, you also had to get your first shots, but you were a real trooper and did very well, and you even got Tweety Bird and Scoobie Doo bandaids!
You're getting better and better at lifting your head up, and you're starting to really like tummy time (in small quantities). You've even rolled over a few times!
You're also focusing on things better every day, and you love to make faces at mommy, daddy, and everyone on Skype. You smile all the time, and we even got a laugh out of you at bath time the other day.
After a failed attempt at getting you on a schedule (you're just too young), we've learned you sleep best in your swing during the day. You're almost sleeping through the night on a regular basis, and you sleep great in your crib at night. You also love looking up at your mobile and talking to all of your animal friends.
This month, you had your first Christmas, Hanukkah, and trip to church, plus we've ventured out to stores a few times with mixed success. And today you had your first snow!
You still love your walks (though sometimes it takes some work to get you to fall asleep), either in the stroller or the Moby, and we're going to start using your sport carrier soon.
You had fun hanging out with your Grammie and Grandpa for Hanukkah, and you had a rockin' new year's with Papa and Nana so mommy and daddy could go to dinner with some friends.
Beckett, you amaze us more and more every day, and we're having such fun watching you grow and learn. We love you!

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  1. Beckett - you are awesome!! Happy Birthday!!
    aunt nessie & uncle rip


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