Monday, March 21, 2011

Style Stitches Challenge 3: Origami Bag Done

I'll be honest — it was hard for me to get too excited about this month's Style Stitches Challenge bag: the Origami Bag Set. It's basically a set of six zipper bags in different sizes.
It seemed like kind of a throwaway because there are a gazillion zipper bag tutorials out there, and I didn't really see that AB was bringing much new to the plate here. Plus, I didn't really need a zipper bag, and I certainly didn't need six. Still, I hated to just skip the month, so I decided to make one in the medium size, stealing an idea from the book to use it to store ribbons.
 And here it is!
I used the same Cosmo Cricket Tailor Made fabrics I used on Stella's sewing machine cover, so they match in the sewing room. Plus, it seemed like a good opportunity to break them out again.
The pattern was pretty easy, and this was definitely a beginner bag. I did appreciate all the size options AB provided, and I'm sure that will come in handy in the future. My only real complaint was with how she has you insert the zipper. You have to sew it down to one exterior piece, then stitch over that with the lining, then repeat on the other side. That's four stitches to attach one zipper, which seems excessive. I much prefer the method Noodlehead uses in this tutorial and will do this instead in the future.
I am glad my ribbons have a cute home now. Don't you love that owl ribbon?

Note: This month, I'm only participating in My Craft Crap's challenge because JemJam required you to make all six bags.


  1. I'm finding it difficult to get motivated this month as well. But, I did finally get a little bit inspired and got my 6 bags all cut out. Now the trick will be getting them sewn. Ha!

    Thanks for the link to the zipper insertion alternative. I'll definitely be checking it out. :)

  2. Nice job! I especially love that sewing fabric. I had the same qualm about the zipper since that part seemed to take forever to sew. As much as I like the completed bags I made I'll probably stick with other patterns the next time I want to make a zippered bag. I also just discovered that Jem Jam is requiring everyone to make six of these bags, which seems excessive to me. Considering that it took me over an hour to sew each one I'm not sure I'm ready to devote that much time to what should be a fun sew along. How many zippered bags can one person need anyway?


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