Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anda dress finished!

As I mentioned before, I decided to make my first dress ever to wear for my sister's wedding rehearsal/dinner last weekend. I was inspired to use the Burda Anda dress pattern after seeing it featured on Grosgrain's Flock by Friday. It turned out to be a really easy dress, though I did have trouble with it running way too big, so that required some alterations. Here's the final reveal:
The pattern suggests using elastic around the middle, but I followed an alternative from Grosgrain and made a tie instead. I stopped the casing at the side seams instead of continuing it all the way around to allow for the most flexibility in shortening or lengthening the tie.
Sorry for the poor picture quality. This was after the dinner, and I was tired, plus there was very bad lighting in the house for photography.
I got lots of compliments on it that night, which was fun, especially from family who read about it on the blog and were looking forward to seeing it in person.
In action at the rehearsal dinner:
I'm looking forward to also dressing it down this summer with some sandals, but today there's snow on the ground (yeesh!), so it might be a while before I can do that. Maybe I'll try it with boots. :)

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  1. Super cute! You did a great job, and I love the use of the colorful tie instead of elastic.


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