Monday, January 10, 2011

A home for my new toy

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was my new Kindle. I hesitated about asking for an e-book reader for a long time. I love to read, and I'm one of those people who loves to hold a book in her hands, not to mention I'm always afraid that the e-book revolution will win out in the end, bringing about the end of bookstores and paper books. I really hope that doesn't happen. But in the end, I decided it would be nice to have one for trips, to read at work, etc. And oh boy is it! It's SO convenient — easy to carry, easy to download books at the push of a button, great for the gym (SO much easier to prop up on the elliptical than a real book) — and it's really easy on the eyes, too.
Of course, one of my first projects after returning home from the holiday travels was to make a little cover for it. I struggled to find a tutorial online that was what I had envisioned but finally found this one on Sweetie Pie Bakery. The tutorial itself is not great — a lot of steps are glossed over or awkwardly combined — but it was helpful for the general idea of how to piece it all together and for the measurements. (Actually, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t that great for measurements either as my case is really a bit too small. If you try this tutorial, I highly recommend adding a half inch to an inch to the final measurements. It should be snug, but I really have to jam my Kindle in to make it fit. Still, it was a good start.)
Anyway, I was generally pretty happy with how it turned out. I used some of the fabric left over from my wine bags, and I liked the blue combo (shocking, I know). Of course, I added an appliquéd "J" (why should everyone else get initials on theirs and not me?), and I finished it with some sew-on Velcro for a closure. My Kindle and I are happy.

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