Thursday, April 5, 2012

Going on safari

Beckett loves (and I mean LOVES) his walks. He has such good neck control that we decided to move him out of riding in the car seat in his stroller and let him just sit in the stroller like the big boy that he is.
Tango the monkey always joins us on safari.
Beckett is too funny on his walks because he always sits just like this...
Hands at his sides, looking out. Occasionally, he'll turn his head from side to side, but more often than not, unless the sun is bothering him, he'll pick a side for that walk and just watch out that side.
The one exception (and this is a more recent development) is if we come to a busy street, when he becomes like a spectator at a game of tennis, with his head moving back and forth as he follows the cars passing by.
I think he'd be happy if we did nothing but go on walks all day. Well, that and eat, of course.

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