Sunday, March 1, 2015

QuiltCon recap, Part 2: The goods

So now that we've covered how I spent most of my days at QuiltCon, let's get to the goodies. First up, check out the amazing goodie bag (plus a few small freebies I picked up from the vendors).
Can you believe that? I would have been happy with just the bag itself, which is too cute, but it was filled with all kinds of fun. Nice work, MQG. I also got this super cute box pouch from my roomie, which she filled it with chocolate because she's awesome like that.
I ended up not buying a lot from the vendors, in part because it was a little overwhelming and I only had so much room in my suitcase, but mainly because I spent all my money on this ... 
A new sewing machine!!! I went in planning to purchase a new machine if I found one I liked and could get a good deal, and I totally scored on both counts. I ended up going with a Janome Skyline, and I can't wait for it to get here. FedEx briefly claimed it was going to arrive on Saturday (just in time for snowmageddon), but they changed the date at the last minute -- curses! I was so excited about my new machine that I couldn't even bring myself to sew this week because I kept thinking how much better it would be once the new machine arrived. Ridiculous, I know. So instead, I've been squaring up HSTs. The only other thing I bought was a batch of FQs from Cloud 9 because they had a great sale going on, and I couldn't resist these prints, some of which I've been drooling over for a long time. And, foxes, obviously.
Finally, Riley Blake had a promotion going where they chose five people each day that they spotted wearing their pin (see my lanyard below) to win a prize, and I got picked one day, so I scored this rainbow dot FQ bundle. Yay for pins and free fabric!
I probably should have included these in the last post, but it was getting pretty long, so here are a few bonus "goodies" (aka, fun shots from my time in Austin). I ate well there, folks.
And in case you're wondering where all the beautiful quilts are, I'll have one more recap post coming up, so stayed tuned.

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