Monday, July 29, 2013

Making things pretty

My fabric stash has been in desperate need of organizing for a while now. The other day, I was rifling through the many separate boxes and stacks when it suddenly occurred to me that I was doing it all backward. This is what my fabric bookcase looked like before:
Eek. Before, the bookcase was filled with all of my "upcycle" fabrics — old t-shirts and pants, sheets, and other randomness, plus various notions and rulers on the top two shelves. All of my pretty fabric was stored in the two plastic bins you see to the right, as well as a few more bins in the closest on the left. Why on earth was I hiding all the good stuff (and making it harder to get to)? Problem solved!
Yay! I can't get over the prettiness. A few nights ago, I put on an episode of Food Network Star and got to work. I sorted all of my designer fabric by color and folded it properly so it would fit on the bookcase. I then moved all of the upcycle fabrics into the plastic bins. My fat quarters and larger scraps went into a smaller plastic bin in the closest. I also sorted through the notions and organized them in a black bin we weren't using.
Pretty rainbow! It's so much easier to find fabrics now, and I can see exactly what I have. The bottom three shelves are sorted by color. The top shelf of fabric is for projects I'm currently working on, and the shelf below that holds the red fabrics (the top of the rainbow sorting) and the multicolor fabrics. I'm so happy with the switch.
And a little more fabric prettiness. I love this stack! After the Jacquie Gering workshop the other day, I stopped by a new-to-me fabric shop in town that I'd been meaning to check out for months. The ladies who run it were super nice, and we chatted while I picked out too many things, including this stack. :)
I love, love, love how the colors together and can't wait to decide what to do with them. I might need to go back and get some more...

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