Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peace out, Google Reader

As I'm sure you've heard by now, my beloved Google Reader's days are numbered. Apparently, there are lots of options for other readers out there, but I'm liking the ease and format of Bloglovin'. You can import all of your blogs from Google Reader with a click of a button in about two minutes, and look how pretty it is.
The Polka Dot Chair had a great post highlighting all the cool things you can do with Bloglovin'.

Interested in joining? Be sure to keep following A Blue Sky Kind of Life by either importing your blogs from Google Reader or clicking the button below.
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  1. I was sad about Reader, too! But I'm also gonna switch to Bloglovin' so all is not lost. I just need to move over my subscriptions at some point. I needed to clean them out anyway. :) I'll keep yours for sure!! :)

    1. Ha, thanks! Seriously, it's so easy to switch them over on Bloglovin'. I think it took about two minutes (and that was for something like 150 blogs). It does it all for you. The only problem I had was that it doesn't bring over any info about posts you've "starred." (I don't know if you do that.) I just went back and sorted through those, mostly pinning recipes and projects. I needed to do it anyway. Good luck!


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