Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go Anywhere Bag

This weekend, I finally finished a project that's been on my to do list for quite some time -- the Go Anywhere Bag (you can purchase the pattern from Noodlehead here).
I was looking for a bag that would be similar to the wonderful Cosmo Bag I made last winter, but I wanted it to be smaller (the Cosmo Bag is huge!), though still sizable, and easier to construct (because heaven knows, my sewing time is limited right now, and the Cosmo Bag took FOR-EH-VER to finish).
When Anna Graham (aka Noodlehead) came out with the Go Anywhere Bag several months ago, I knew it was perfect, and I jumped on it.
It took a while to find just the right fabrics (the exterior pocket is Pear Zen Garden from Patty Young's Sanctuary collection, the lining and straps are Posh in Bright from Patricia Bravo's Modernology collection, both purchased from Hawthorne Threads, and the main exterior fabric is from Ikea), and then there was a delay in finding the hidden sew-in magnetic snaps that are used on the inside and back fabric, but once I got everything in order, it came together like a dream. The bag was so much easier to sew than the Cosmo Bag, and I love how it turned out.
It's got a big pocket on the front and back. The front one's pleated and divided into three sections.
The back one's just one big pocket, but it includes a hidden sew-in magnetic snap to keep it closed. You can see the stitches if you look closely at the gray fabric below.
I decided to include the piping option at the top of each exterior pocket, which I thought added a nice touch.
On the inside, there's a good-size slip pocket, and I divided part of it to include a pen-size pocket.
I love how colorful and fun it turned out. It'll be a great bag for spring. I also highly recommend the pattern, which was super easy to follow and included directions for several different options, including different closures and the piping on the pockets.


  1. I love everything about that bag - fabric, straps, pockets - it looks great!

  2. That grey IKEA fabric looks very familiar! :-) It's the same fabric we have on our livingroom chairs. LOVE IT! --Bridget

  3. Bridget, yep, I remember. I bought it a year or two ago and was glad to finally break it out. :)


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