Monday, December 11, 2017

STL Traveling 7: Angie's quilt

Now that you've seen the starting block for my STL Traveling 7 traveling quilt, let's start looking at the additions I've made to some of the other quilts in the group. The first quilt I received was Angie's. Her starting block was the round star with the triangle border (bottom left corner in the pic below).
Design-wise, she was up for anything. In terms of color, she wanted a lot of neutrals with pops of teal and mustard yellow. Just my thing.
This seemed like a great opportunity to break out my Modern Triangle Quilts book by Rebecca Bryan. There are so many fun triangle designs in there, and I basically went wild. I picked out a variety of blocks in the 4" size and then combined them with "solid" (not pieced) triangles and a few designs of my own.
Once I'd added the triangle section on the right, I needed something to add a row along the top to bring them together, so I scoured another favorite block book of mine, Elizabeth Hartman's Patchwork City. I eventually decided on the Bookstore block, adding some extra negative space to bring the row to the size I needed.
I gotta admit, I was pretty chuffed with how this one came together, and it was definitely a fun one to work on.

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