Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just skating through life

I'm woefully behind on "personal" posts (sorry, grandparents!), and while I realize it's probably ridiculous at this point to try to go back to Christmas or B's birthday, I do want to cover a few happenings from the past few months. B's still very much in his stage of "firsts," and this year, that's included ice skating and roller skating for the first time.
Ice skating was less than successful. B was very excited about the idea, and we asked our good friend Chris to help us out because he's been skating all his life (Matt and I are total novices).
But things declined pretty fast once we got on the ice. It was fun for a bit, but B got really frustrated because he couldn't keep his feet under him and kept slipping (as one does). Eventually, it turned to us basically pulling him around the rink. He is only four, after all, so we'll see how next year goes.
Roller skating, which we tried for the first time this past weekend, was far more successful.
Of course, the rink isn't nearly as slippery, and you're dealing with skates that are much easier to balance on. The "walkers" they have for kids to use are also a lot more helpful because they have wheels that glide easily (as opposed to the ones we had for the ice, which basically just scraped along and were more of a hindrance than a help).
We went with some wonderful friends, and the kiddos had a blast. Cookies weren't a bad way to end the day either.
You can check out my mad rollerblading skills in the video below. Though he mostly skated on his own, I spent some of the time pushing B around like this when he told me he wanted to "go fast like Lightin' McQueen!" I'm ready to go back tomorrow, with or without B. ;)

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