Monday, February 22, 2016

Ebb and flow

After finally finishing the applique on the last row of my Catenary quilt (I finished assembling the top last week!), I immediately started debating what to do for my next applique project. I'm loving having a handwork project to work on while hanging with the hubs or when I just need a break from my machine. I have several I'm dying to do, but one rose above the others.
I'm tackling Carolyn Friedlander's Ebb quilt. I initially planned to do the full wall hanging but decided that two pillows would be more useful in the house (my couch pillows need an upgrade), so I broke my rainbow in two and am doing a "warm" pillow and a "cool" one.
This pattern actually gives you a lot of options with templates that can be turned in different directions and combined in a number of different ways. I finally decided on this layout for the warm pillow. All of the fabrics in the pull are from Carolyn's collections (with just one exception in the greens): Carkai, Doe, Architextures, and a splash of Botanics. I'm using Moda Bella Snow for the solid background.
I used a handy little tip I learned on Instagram to mark the 1/4" seam allowance on your thumb while you're basting. So quick and easy, with no marking needed (well, other than your thumb, of course).
My mother-in-law's been in town the past few days, so it was a perfect excuse to start on the applique (since my sewing space is in the guest space and therefore off limits when we have guests). Loving it!

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