Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Visits and berries

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a weekend visit from my mom and step-dad. Matt was actually out of town at a conference for the weekend, so it was great to hang out with them and have some extra help with the B man.
We started the weekend with some strawberry picking at Eckert's. We've gone there a few times for apple picking in the fall, but we'd never tried any of their other picking options, and I thought B might be into the strawberries (He LOVES berries.).
And he was ... for about two minutes. In the way of two-year-olds, he didn't really want to listen to us telling him how to pick the berries (by the stem), so he kept grabbing the fruit in his chubby little hands and smashing it to death, which didn't help anybody (also because B doesn't like to get dirty, so he wasn't at all amused by having sticky berry juice all over his hands).
After a while, he decided it was more fun to just wander through the fields with David, so my mom and I finished up the hard work. We came out with a pretty good haul, all things considered. Jam is on the horizon.
On Saturday, we squeezed in a trip to Grant's Farm, but the skies opened up after about an hour and cut our trip short.
Still, we got to see elephants, deer, peacocks, camels, geese, and lots more. And my mom got B on the carousel again, which I'd say was more successful than last year.
Other than that, we mostly just hung out, blowing bubbles, eating tasty food, reading books, and watching tennis (It was the weekend of the French Open.).
Oh, and we spent some time in the basement when the tornado sirens went off because, you know, St. Louis. Just part of the experience. Can't wait to see these peeps again on our upcoming road trip!


  1. Such good pictures! I love the one of B. and Roo "kickin' their feet up"! So sweet. I'm so glad that we got to visit and extra happy that my daughter ALWAYS takes lots of pictures of all family events!! Love you!

  2. Love these pictures!! Bring jam to the par-tay, please :) XOXOX


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