Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012: The year in projects

I know it's almost the end of January, but I was looking back through some pictures of old projects, and I didn't want to miss out on the chance to reflect just a bit on the year that was 2012 in sewing. Turns out, I sewed quite a bit last year, maybe more than I realized, especially considering I had a new baby (I do almost all of my sewing at night and on the weekends).

In making up my project collages, it was also interesting to see the kinds of things I made. The vast majority of my projects fell into two categories: bags and baby. The bags were mostly gifts; the baby items ran the gamut from items for B to gifts for friends' babies. I even made two quilts, which were also baby gifts, but I decided to keep them in the quilts category.

So here's a look back at everything I made in 2012.

And since we're looking back, I also wanted to take this opportunity to look forward a bit, too. I'm not big on resolutions, but I have a few sewing goals I'd like to reach for in 2013:

(1) Finish my Kitchen Windows quilt (finally, it's been long enough)

(2) Make more quilts and challenge myself to try some harder patterns. For some reason, quilts are the one thing I tend to chicken out on. I can conquer a really difficult bag pattern, but if I'm making a quilt, I always go toward something easy, fearing I can't do the harder things. I have a whole board of pins of great quilts, but when push comes to shove, I usually run from even the medium-difficulty things. This year, I'd like to try some of the harder things. Maybe I'll start with some quilt blocks as pillows. :) Or I have this pattern in mind for a friend's quilt I'm starting soon.

(3) Write more tutorials. The success of my Kindle sleeve tutorial has bolstered my confidence, and I have several ideas in mind.

(4) Sew more for myself, especially clothes. Top of my list: the ubiquitous Washi dress

Alright, it's out there. Now, let's see how I do. 

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