Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let's do a little sewing

Christmas is over (and I hope you all had a wonderful one), so now it's time to catch up on the sewing projects of the past few weeks.

The first wasn't actually a Christmas present, but it had been on my list for the past few months, ever since B started standing in his crib ... and then eating it. I knew I had to make some bumpers for the crib railings or he'd eat right through them, and I can't imagine the wood's good for his diet.
It was a pretty quick project because I recycled the dust ruffle I originally made for his crib. Once we lowered the crib, it was too long, and I never really fell in love with it anyway because it turned out to really be too much pattern next to his crib sheets.
For the railing bumpers, I measured the height of the railings, then doubled it and added an inch or so for the seam allowances. The length was already correct because I cut the strips from the bed skirt.
To conserve fabric and make them softer, I lined them with scrap batting. I made matching ties from some single bias tape I had on hand. To make them, I cut a long strip, folded it in half, and stitched down both sides.
The short sides of the crib got two ties each. I used four ties on the front of the crib and decided to leave the back of the crib blank because B doesn't chew on it (at least not yet).
I really like the way they turned out. They add some nice color and fun to the crib and the room, not to mention the very practical purpose they serve in protecting the crib and B's teeth.
For my sweet grandmother, I made this cute little glasses case using this tutorial from Sweet Verbena.
The tutorial is great, and the sleeve stitched up in no time. I added one for myself to my too-long list of future sewing projects.
It's also a great scrapbuster as it requires almost no fabric.
I mailed it off to her in Georgia before the holidays, and she loved it. I love it when projects and the people they're intended for all work out.

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