Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our new house revealed: The living room!

Psych! You just thought the home tour ended in the nursery. Thanks to my cousin Catalina for pointing out that I somehow forgot the pictures of the living room. Oops! I took them along with the others; they just didn't make it into a post. So without further ado, our living room:
Above is the view from the entryway; below is the view from the arch leading into the dining room. We love the shape of the arches leading into the dining room and back into the entryway (seen below). There's also one leading from the front hallway into the kitchen, but they don't appear anywhere else in the house, unfortunately. The living and dining rooms are also the only rooms in the house where the walls are curved where they meet the ceilings (hard to see in the pictures), instead of the standard 90° angle. It's a great detail but makes for tricky painting.
The furniture in this room is basically done (and mostly new — we bought the side table, coffee table, console table, and teal chair when we moved), but we still have several bigger items to replace, namely the rug and the lamps (which are in desperate need of an upgrade from the Target special boxed set of matching lamps). It's also the only room in the house that's not painted, and I can't wait to change that. The plan is to paint the walls behind the couch and the big chair (seen below), probably in the same tan color used in the hallway, so nothing too crazy. :) We also need to hang some curtains, but those will wait until we have a rug and get a better sense of the exact color scheme we're going for in here.
Teal and gray are definitely the dominate colors, and it'll stay that way, but we don't really want a teal or gray rug, so we're going to have to bring in a third color, which will probably also appear in the curtains. I'm thinking navy, but we're having a heck of a time finding a navy rug. Thoughts on this one? The idea of buying a rug online makes me really nervous because you just can't be sure of the color, but it has potential.

Okay, now we're done (I think!). Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Loooove that rug! I'm also a ram of a nice cream shag rug if you go the neutral route, though probably not a good idea with bebe... Love your decorating!


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