Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rainbow Wave quilt: A finish!

Another WIP is done! Meet the Rainbow Wave quilt!
I've had this one in mind for months. As any casual reader of this blog knows, I'm a total Elizabeth Hartman fan girl. I saved the New Wave quilt pattern when it was first posted a few years ago and have kept it in the back of my mind ever since. Back in May, she posted an updated version, and I knew its time had come. I'd pulled a rainbow stack in April, and they seemed like a perfect match for a quilt for a friend’s new baby.
For no particular reason, this quilt was slow going and kept getting pushed to the side. I did all of the cutting, set it aside, made two of the columns, set it aside, made a few blocks, set it aside, finished the Flippin' Triangle baby quilt, and then finally got around to finishing this one up.
By the time I finally finished the top, I'd kind of fallen out of love with the quilt. I don't exactly know why, but something abut the fabrics just wasn't working for me anymore. I decided then to donate it instead of giving it to my friend, so for the backing, I decided to do some purging and used up most of the rest of the True Color bundle I had. It's kind of crazy, but somehow I think it works (maybe).
I quilted it in white thread, mimicking the lines of the "waves" on both sides of the horizontal seam lines. The binding is a black polka dot from my stash, and the moment I put it on, my view of the quilt changed completely. The black totally makes it, and I really love the quilt top now.
I'm still a bit iffy on the back, and I don't think it really "goes" with the friend it was originally destined for, so I've decided to donate it to Project Linus as part of 100 Quilts for Kids over at Quilts in the Queue. It still feels good to have come back around to liking it, though.

Fabrics: Mostly Jenean Morrison’s True Color bundle, plus the tangerine and fuchsia haystack prints from Violet Craft’s Madrona Road collection, Kona Snow for the sashing, and mystery black polka dot from my stash

Size: 50 x 57 (The size of my final quilt is a bit off from the pattern because I had some issues during quilting (tried to squeeze the quilt onto a too-small piece of batting) and had to trim it a little.)

Pattern: New Wave quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! (You can get the free lap-size version I made here; the full pattern with multiple sizes is available for purchase here.)
100 Quilts for Kids


  1. I think it's awesome! Your friend would be lucky to have it, but so is Project Linus.

  2. You know, I'm not a rainbow quilt kind of girl, but I really like this one. I think it's Elizabeth's chunky pattern + the waves of white + your fabric selections that resonate with me.

  3. I've done one of these quilts too. I really like your rainbow, and the black binding does work really well! Someone is going to be very lucky to get such a cheery quilt :-)

  4. It's gorgeous! Love the binding you chose for it too. I'm doing the same pattern at the moment and I've just about finished hand stitching the binding down :)

  5. Beautiful quilt. Pattern has been on my list of "must do" also & had some pieces of True Colors put aside too !


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