Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Easter visit

The Monday before Easter weekend, I got a call from my dad asking if we were expecting visitors for the holiday. I said no, and he asked if we'd be up for them coming to visit. Of course!

They hopped on the Amtrak (a new experience for everyone, and it seemed to work out pretty well) and arrived Friday morning ready to go. Thankfully, we had beautiful weather all weekend, so we were able to spend a good amount of time outside.

We started off by exploring a park we'd been meaning to try. And while we arrived too late to check out the carousel and butterfly house like we wanted to, the playground was definitely a winner!
The boys had a ton of fun climbing all over the equipment and sending B up and down the slides, not to mention swinging and wandering around the park.
I LOVE this sequence.
On Sunday, we started the morning with a trip to church, of course. We arrived a bit late, and the sanctuary was already full, so we wound up sitting in the dining hall, where they'd set up a projector and extra seating. We were the only people in there for a while, which was a bit odd, but a few more trickled in, and in the end, it was kind of nice to experience a quiet Easter service.
After a bit of lunch at home, it was off to Forest Park for B's first egg-hunting experience. He loved it!
He caught on to finding the eggs immediately, and we ended up "hiding" them several times in different locations.
Taking a break on Papa's feet
And then it was back to hunting eggs (those eggs won't find themselves, you know)
Heisman Beckett
Hut, hut!
We ended the wonderful weekend with a delicious Easter dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes and then sent Nana and Papa home on the train. We're so glad they could come and can't wait until their next visit.

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