Monday, April 11, 2011

Thankful Mondays #9

Each Monday, I'm writing about things I'm thankful for. This is week nine. Read more about it here.

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121.  a National Championship for the Texas A&M Women's Basketball team! Whoop!
122. butter
123. our new grill (Matt's really thankful for this one.)
124. food and drinks with friends outside on a beautiful day
125. watching my husband run his first marathon this weekend!
126. finishing our taxes
127. having a CPA in the family (see #126)
128. Magritte
129. motorcycle trips with my dad
130. walks around the neighborhood
131. a soft bed
132. baking with a good friend
133. a relatively easy bathing-suit buying experience (see #135)
134. birthdays (happy birthday to me and my brother Patrick tomorrow!)
135. booking our trip to Mexico (see #133)

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