Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look what I just bought!

Ever since I saw this little guy on Handmade by Alissa, I've been dying to make one myself. Though I'm new to sewing, I'm already in the "I can figure out how to make that without a pattern" camp (let's be honest and call it sewer's arrogance, especially considering I'm still a beginner). I searched online in the hopes of finding a pattern for this little guy, but to no avail, at which point I decided I was just going wing it (get it? wing it? jeez).

Then, I was reading the Hawthorne Threads newsletter this morning, and lo and behold, there was my little owl!
Granted, not the one Alissa had, but the same owl! As it turns out, HT is offering a new fabric collection from the makers of the owl pattern (I'm in love with it, too, by the way), and they just mentioned the patterns as an aside. With the designers' name in hand, it took me about two seconds to track down Melly & Me and then to find their Hooty & Tweet pattern on Pink Chalk Fabrics. Soon, it'll be on my doorstep, ensuring a much better finished product for a special someone, who will be finding it under her tree this Christmas. I'm so excited!

Oh, and Melly & Me makes a ton of other amazingly cute softie patterns, most of which you can find on Pink Chalk Fabrics. I'm pretty sure Hooty won't be the only little guy in my collection.

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