Friday, June 30, 2017

Couch time

Back on Father's Day, I broke my ankle in a silly accident involving a slackline at our climbing gym. It was not fun. Thankfully, I avoided surgery and a hard cast, but I do get to sport this fashionable boot for six weeks, which means most of my sewing time has been relegated to the couch.
Thankfully, I like to hand sew. This week, I've been bouncing back and forth between my Texas embroidery project (pattern by Nydia Kehnle) and the Hesperides pillow I'm making as a sample for the needle-turn applique class I'm teaching at my LQS in a few weeks (pattern by Carolyn Friedlander).
While I'm definitely missing my machine (and the many, many projects I have lined up for it), I'll admit that the extra relaxation time on the couch has been nice. Ask me how I feel in a few weeks. ;)
I did squeeze in one little bitty (seriously, it's tiny) machine project, though it was related to the hand sewing. I finally put together one of the necklace pincushions from Carolyn Friedlander's Crew pattern. I got tired of sticking my needles in the arm of the couch (really never a good idea, let's be honest), and this little guy went together pretty fast. But let me tell you, 1/4" boxed corners are no fun. Smaller does not always equal easier. (For reference, those scissors -- my favorite Havel's embroidery scissors -- are about 3.5" long.)

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