Friday, September 18, 2015

A big Texas wedding

For Labor Day weekend, we headed down south to Texas again but for a very good reason -- my baby sister got hitched! We arrived a few days early to enjoy some extra family time and help with preparations. We managed to squeeze in a mother/daughters lunch and trip to the spa (a wedding necessity) before the real craziness set in.
By Friday, it was on to last-minute errands, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. A lot of our Georgia family was able to come in for the wedding, and it was so good to see them and the other grandparents.
The wedding was in the evening, so the wedding day was actually pretty relaxed. The girls all got their hair done before heading to the bridal suite to get pampered and dressed. The hours seemed to crawl by before the big moment arrived, but everything went off without a hitch once it started.
My older sister and I were the matrons of honor, Matt performed the ceremony, and B was the ring bearer, so it was a true family affair.
True to form for Texas, it ended up being a super hot day, so we were all pretty drenched once the dancing started, but no one really cared. I guess that's one benefit of having a long, layered, black dress --  it hides a lot. :)
My little Houd did such a beautiful job of designing the whole event, and it was a truly lovely evening. They are the cutest couple, and I'm so happy to have another brother-in-law!

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